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What is a telescopic fishing rod? Here’s everything you need to know

telescopic fishing rod
telescopic fishing rod

Telescopic fishing rods are a popular choice among many surfcasters and anglers. Its lightweight design and ability to fit in a backpack makes it very convenient to bring in any outdoor activity. 

Here are a few things that you need to know about using telescopic rods and why it’s right for you.

What is a telescopic fishing rod?

Used in angling or fishing, a telescopic fishing rod is a type of fishing rod that fold into themselves which makes it very portable. Their collapsed sizes are only around 18 and 26 inches and they can fit almost anywhere you place them. They are easy to carry in on backpacks or carry-on luggage, thereby you are always ready and you can conveniently fish at any time you want.

telescopic rod

Many backpackers and hikers prefer using the telescopic fishing rod for their lightweight design. Even those who are minimalists and survivalists who prefer living off the land and prefer stuff that doesn’t take up much storage space or is not that heavy to carry.

Features of telescopic fishing rods

Understanding the features of telescopic fishing rods is important if you are considering getting one. Keep reading to learn more about the best features of telescopic fishing rods and why it’s best for you.


Whether you’re flying, driving or biking to your fishing destination, you can carry them anywhere since it’s lightweight. You don’t need to purchase any fishing cases to place your fishing rods since it’s very portable.  Hence, it’s easy to carry them.


Compared to other standard fishing poles, these fishing rods are durable and reliable. Most telescopic fishing rods are made with graphite or fibreglass or a composite made of these materials. Hence, it is durable, easier to use and it doesn’t snap from the poles easily. 


This is one of the most significant and common reasons why people choose telescopic fishing rods. Because of its flexibility, it’s adaptable, agile and easier to catch a fish especially if you’re a beginner. It also allows anglers to cast the reels to a distance. They are great to use day or night, meaning you can go fishing and use it any time you want.


Telescopic fishing rods are also very convenient to use. They are collapsible and retractable. They are compact and can be carried anywhere at any time.

Casting power performance

One of the most striking and best features of telescopic fishing rods is their casting power. A good fishing rod must have the feature to go deep in the water. Because of its high casting power, you can catch bigger fishes and increase your possibility to find more fishes.


Telescopic fishing rods are highly customizable. You can customize it with your preferred reel and line weight.

Telescopic rods are totally worth it if you are looking for a solid, reliable and portable rod. You can even find reel and rods combos with lures and lines.

How to assemble telescopic fishing rods

To assemble a telescopic fishing rod, you will need a reel, fishing line, lure, a pair of scissors, and a telescopic fishing rod. 

fishing rodsStart by mounting the reel. Make sure the lines are stapled. Reels usually come with a line clip on the side. You can find the actual mount near the pole’s grip. Glide the reel into the mount then tighten up the screw of the mount. 

Next, bring the line through line guides. All you have to do is to unclip the line and then open the bail arm. Sometimes, you’ll find a meter of line coming out of the line guide. To fix this, just close the bail arm.

Finally, attach your lure. Tire on the lure, cut off the extra line, and you’re done!

How to properly maintain telescopic fishing rods

Care and maintenance for telescopic fishing rods is pretty much the same as other rods. 

Carry it safely

Whipping or flinging a telescopic fishing rod open may and likely will cause it to be difficult to close. When closing the rods make a slight twisting motion while pushing the sections together. Often the rods come with tip covers to protect the tip and guides. Additionally, extra care must be taken not to get dirt or sand in the joints; due to their design, this can easily damage this style of rod.

Clean it

Another issue about telescopic fishing rods which is very common is wear and tear. Make sure to maintain it by keeping it clean to keep it last longer and to avoid wearing out. The only difference is that one should not open the telescopic rod in a manner that whips a closed rod into the open position rapidly. 

finishing rod cleaning

Make sure to polish it to its performance and keep it clean to make sure it lasts for many years of good fishing. After using, whether in saltwater or freshwater, clean and rinse it well. Don’t run the hose over it. Use warm, soapy water and a cloth or sponge to remove all the residue, including salt and algae, and small plants or fish scales that stick on it. From cork handle to the reel mounting hardware, make sure you keep it looking good and clean.

Store it properly

Never leave it sitting on the ground. If the weather is hot and you’re planning to bring it to hiking or fishing, cars aren’t the best place to store them. A cool garage would keep it from expanding and contracting, which may lead to breaking or cracking your rods.

fishing rod holderYou have to make sure you store or keep your telescopic fishing rods in a safe place. Place or keep it safely in a backpack, or in a case. If you have a rod holder, that’s much better. 

Always check the guides for looseness. Make sure it is kept firmly connected. Replace any compromised or loose guides as soon as possible if you find one.

The takeaways in using telescoping fishing rods

Telescopic fishing rods are mostly for convenience, practice or casual use. Whether you keep it in the car or hike with a backpack, or carry it in a suitcase or box when travelling, these rods are ready wherever you are and whatever condition. It has a more precise fit, made of much better material, has much better action and can be shorter than a telescopic rod.

Proper care and maintenance of your telescopic fishing rod take a little bit of work more than other traditional rods, but it would immensely benefit your rod if you pay an extra bit of your time and attention that it needs.

We just showed you the guide on what you need to know about telescopic fishing rods. If you haven’t got a telescopic fishing rod yet, get one now!

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