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What are the easiest fish to catch and how many can you recognize?


Looking for the easiest fish to catch? If you are a beginner in angling, keep reading to learn more.

Depending on the area or location where you are fishing and the local species available there, you will find a variety of fishes, different species, sizes or colours. Some species of fish may be very abundant and easy to catch, but they may also be not edible or ideal to catch. 

Learn the easiest to catch fish to catch and where to find them, including some of the techniques you can use to easily lure them in.

Top 10 Easiest Fish to Catch

We shared the list of easiest fishes to catch below – those that are commonly found in different regions worldwide. 

  1. Sunfish or Sunnies. This is perhaps the most common among other types of species of fishes. We’re talking about sunnies that are commonly found in freshwater. If you are a beginner, they are really easy to catch. It is also important to know that there are a variety of species of sunfishes. And their taste of baits may vary. You may want to choose smaller baits like flies, worms or grubs to lure them in. But you may also try artificial lures whichever is readily available at hand. Sunnies are typically smaller in size, so you make sure you use smaller lures.sunfish
  2. Catfish. Another easy fish to catch is catfish, and this one is very common among many fishermen. One reason why they are easy to catch is that they inhabit in numerous bodies of water. And they tend to eat anything so you won’t have a hard time trying to figure out how to lure them. But one tip from most fish hunters is that catfishes drive crazy over chicken livers! So it’s an ideal lure. Although you can also try baiting your hook with anything since they are not picky. Surely you won’t be disappointed catching them.catfish
  3. Bluegills. Usually smaller in sizes, bluegills are also easy to catch. They are very widespread in North America, Mexico and even in South Africa and Europe. That is the reason also why they are vastly vulnerable to dense population. You may not like to catch them because they are smaller in size so you will have to catch a lot of them to fill your bucket. Bluegills love to eat water insects, so you can use them as a lure. Another fun fact about them is that they eat their own eggs especially if they can no longer find any food in their habitat. bluegills
  4. Crappie. Fishing crappies is pretty basic but so much fun. Most fishermen prefer crappies over perch since both have very much in common. Small jigs and minnows are among the best baits to reel them in. You can use either live or artificial baits. They are usually found in Canada, the US, and Europe. Since they can thrive in any bodies of water easily, they are distributed extensively anywhere. Also, they love to school together so if you can catch or reel one, most likely you’ll be able to reel more after the other.crappie
  5. Perch. Another one on the list of easiest fishes to catch, Perch has over hundreds of species and is widespread. The most common species of perch are yellow and white perch, which are usually found in Northern America. The white one is not a real perch, but the yellow one is. They taste so good when cooked. Perches ultimately eat whatever you throw at them; worms, water insects, spinner, jigs, spoons, leeches, plugs or minnows. Now you know why they are easy to catch. But they can be also picky sometimes so you might try using smaller baits so you can reel them in easily. perch
  6. Chub. Also known as minnows, chubs are one of the fishes that are easy to catch as well. They have a variety of kinds – creek chub, river chub, and hornyhead chub. Minnows or chubs are a type of freshwater fishes commonly found in the North American bodies of water. But there are still other variety of species of them around the world that might be undiscovered. One is the European chub. Although they are pretty easy to catch if you are a beginner, you would probably have quite a hard time reeling larger chubs. Even others catch them with their bare hands. You can also trap them easily using just a net. There are so many ways to catch them – choose your weapon wisely and you’ll definitely get many of them.chub
  7. Bass. Bass is one of the most common and easiest fishes to catch. There are also a variety of tricks used by anglers on how to catch them easily. Bass fishes are extremely hostile type of fishes. They are most abundant in clear, vegetated lakes, ponds and swamps. Some anglers also use a specific technique or type of reel for bass fishing.bass
  8. Freshwater Drum or Sheepshead. Freshwater drum or also known as sheepshead is very abundant. Served in most Japanese cuisine, these types of fishes have become very popular and are imported from the US and Europe. They eat many varieties of other little beings. They are definitely not just an average fish. And you can fish them day or night, all year round.sheepshead
  9. Trout. Trouts may be easier to catch but they are probably the smartest fish in this list. Many species of trouts are vastly available in specific regions of Northern America. The most common trouts that you can find anywhere are the brown and rainbow ones. They are highly adaptive in several water habitats from lakes, creeks, rivers to the ocean. They are not very picky with baits you can use a variety of lures to bait them. Another interesting fact about them is that they also change their taste for bites so you might want to introduce and reel them in with different baits. You can bait them with spinners, worms, insects, jigs, spoons or jigs.trouts
  10. Burbot. With their gigantic diets, you’ll be happy to catch burbots. They are known to eat frogs, snakes and even birds. Burbots are quite common in several parts of water bodies but sadly, their species are running out in most parts of the US so if you can catch one, consider yourself lucky.burbot

How many fishes can you recognize? If you are a beginner to fishing, you may also check out our other articles to help you get started. 

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